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HealthMark’s celebrated approach to Internal Medicine (Primary Care) is comprehensive and preventive in nature. HealthMark’s physicians and nurse practitioners treat most general medical conditions – from common colds to sprains and strains to diabetes – to get you back to a state of good health. They are also committed to teaching patients to manage and maintain their health through exercise, nutrition, and risk reduction. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their health and set reasonable goals to enhance their quality of life.

Comprehensive physical examinations are the standard at HealthMark. A complete medical history and health screen is performed on each patient by board-certified internal medicine physicians. Blood cholesterol and heart disease risk profiles are reviewed with each patient and on-site treadmill stress testing if often used to assess a patient’s heart health. HealthMark also offers cancer screenings or referrals according to a patient’s age, gender, medical background, and family history.

Internal Medicine at HealthMark Denver

HealthMark has also implemented an electronic medical records system, which allows the physicians and providers instant access to a patient’s file, thus expediting the care provided.