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David Palmquist
David PalmquistMD

“After more than 30 years of practicing internal medicine, I still find challenges and enjoyment in what I do. The timeless interaction between patient and physician still intrigues me as a physician while providing answers and, hopefully, comfort for the patient.

I have especially enjoyed caring for the geriatric population. They share remarkable stories and anecdotes from their lives with me. Sometimes I’m left wondering who benefited most from the visit.”

In an age when technology has become a significant aspect of medicine, the ability to arrive at a diagnosis with a history and physical remains a rewarding art to Dr. David Palmquist.

Dr. Palmquist comes to HealthMark from Senior Care of Colorado.  He earned his MD at the University of Colorado Medical School in 1982 and has spent his entire career serving patients in Denver. Dr. Palmquist is board certified in internal medicine and serves as Leader on our team who is never hesitant to assist his peers.

He spends much of his free time with his daughter and is a bicyclist and skier in his leisure time. An avid reader, Dr. Palmquist enjoys novels, biographies, and even medical journals.

Dr. Palmquist specializes in geriatric medicine & general internal medicine with adults of all ages.